Apple’s iPhone 5 Doesn’t Quite Stack Up to the Competition…But Does “Borrow” Their Ideas

I will start this off by saying, yes the iPhone 5 will sell, and sell well.  However, it will sell well based on the fact it is an iPhone, not because it is a quality product.  After yesterday’s iPhone 5 announcement, I came away with the clear impression Apple is behind the curve and desperately trying to play catch up.  The iPhone 5 literally has absolutely nothing groundbreaking or innovative.  Instead, it’s biggest feature is merely a screen size that has been available in other phones for a few years now.  As for the smaller features, they merely added things to the iPhone that have been available in Android phones for quite some time now.

The iPhone 5 will feature a 4″ display…whoopty do…it still falls quite short of the larger-sized screens one has come to expect out of a high-end smartphone nowadays.  4 inches was a large screen size perhaps when the Nexus S was released back in December of 2010, but nowadays is considered just plain small.  In addition to the fact it is only 4″, the display is still the same width, so pages will still display virtually the same as with the smaller-screened iPhones of the past (just with slightly more vertical content).  To make matters worse, the iPhone 5 has a resolution of only 1136 x 640.  Sure, with that resolution you get a 326 ppi, but it still falls short of the 720p high definition standard we’ve come to expect in a high end smartphone. The Galaxy Nexus which was released almost a year ago has a 720p high definition display, yet the upcoming iPhone 5 does not.

It is quite ironic that shortly after Apple scored a win in the courtroom over stolen ideas, they announce an iPhone that “borrows” ideas and features from other devices.  Apple included a built-in panorama feature in their camera, that looks like and functions almost exactly like the Galaxy Nexus, but the “idea borrowing” didn’t stop there.  Apple also “borrowed” a couple ideas an implemented them into their Safari browser.  Safari will now include a full screen view that I could have sworn has already been present in Android’s stock browser for quite some time.  In addition to full screen view, Safari will also include tab sharing between your desktop and phone…sounds a lot like Google’s Chrome browser if you ask me.

In the end, the iPhone 5 is nothing more than Apple’s attempt at playing catch up, but sadly it still doesn’t catch them up to the competition (heck, it doesn’t even have NFC).  The iPhone 5 doesn’t even match high-end phones that are already on the market.  It merely provides a slightly larger screen that still falls quite short of industry standards, and adds features Android users have already been enjoying for quite some time, though it is very funny to see Apple “borrowing” ideas right after suing a company for doing the same thing.  Oh the irony!  All in all, the iPhone 5 is hardly impressive, and is nothing more than yesterday’s technology for today’s prices.…

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Sprint Launches LTE in 5 More Cities

Today Sprint announced they have lit up LTE in five more cities, adding to the 19 cities already covered with Sprint 4G LTE.  The latest five cities are Lawrence, Ks., Topeka, Ks. Wichita, Ks., Waukegan-Lake County, Il.; and Barnstable-Hyannis/Mid-Cape, Ma.  For those of you who do not currently reside in any of the 24 cities Sprint currently has LTE in, Sprint states “Sprint 4G LTE will be available in more than 100 cities in the coming months”.  Unfortunately, “in the coming months” is as specific as it gets when it comes to a timeline for Sprint 4G LTE deployment.…

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HTC to Build Nexus Smartphone with 1080p Display?

Before getting into it, allow me to preface this with a warning; this is only a rumor and has not be validated in any way, shape, or form.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the rumor.  GSM Arena is reporting they have received a tip that has HTC building the next Nexus smartphone.  The rumor doesn’t stop there, they go even further, stating the phone will carry some rather beefy specs.  According to the tipster, the next Nexus phone will feature a 1080p display, Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 12mp rear-facing camera with 2mp front-facing, 2500 mAh battery, 64gb of internal storage, and of course LTE.  Sadly, the rumors did not include an expected release date or announcement date; though if history is any indication, we will likely see an announcement within the next 60 days.…

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“Should I Upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 4?”

The next hottest phone, the Nexus 4, is now trolling the smartphone world. It brings the power of any modern high-end Android device to a Nexus phone, which makes the stock Android experience more enjoyable.

But what about those of us who already own a Galaxy Nexus? Even though it’s a year old now, it’s still an excellent phone in it’s own right. It still has the qualifications to still be considered a high-end phone. With NFC and the latest version of Android, the Galaxy Nexus is still a phone any Android lover would want. Still not convinced? Well, I’m going to give you the benefits of upgrading or staying with your current generation.

1. Design

The Nexus 4 is, hands down, the most beautiful of all smartphones. With its glass covering, both front and back, and the nice design on the back, consisting of very small squares, randomly placed, that glow from certain viewing angles. This phone is very beautiful to look at. But, with the Galaxy Nexus’s plastic make-up, yes it isn’t the best looking device, but it could be more durable. Yes, you still risk cracking the screen, as with any touchscreen phone. But I’d rather have a cracked screen than a cracked phone.

2. Double the RAM

The Nexus 4 packs the quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro along with 2 GB of RAM. That’s double the 1 GB of RAM in the Galaxy Nexus, with its 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor. But when put to the test, the Nexus 4 was only about one second faster when put against its predecessor. To some, that matters. To others, not so much. It all depends if that one second of time bothers you.

3. Touch Sensor

There’s a giant difference between the screens of these phones. The distance between the glass and the screen is greater on the Nexus 4 than that of the Galaxy Nexus. Therefore, the touch responsiveness of the Nexus 4 can be irritating when it comes to pinching and typing, but it’s not unbearable. It takes a little getting use to.

4. No LTE on the Nexus 4

If you’re on Sprint or Verizon with the Galaxy Nexus and you love your LTE, stick to your Nexus. The Nexus 4 does not and will not be LTE compatible. That is a huge set back people don’t like. But their reasoning for doing so is understandable. HSPA+ and GSM are available with more carriers internationally.

5. Battery Life and Wireless Charging

The battery life of the Nexus has been improved in the Nexus 4 with a bigger battery and no LTE. Also, the Nexus 4 supports wireless charging. So you can go to a public place or just buy a wireless charging hub and use it right now.


So determining if you should upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 4 is totally up to you, the consumer, and what you are looking for. Below are some links where you can check out more info about the phones and a comparison video. I hope this was able to help you in your decision.…

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Google Maps Officially Back on iOS!

Consider this a Christmas gift, iOS users! Google Maps is back on iOS 6! And not just Maps. You also get turn-by-turn navigation as well. So no more worrying about getting stranded for days at a time or contemplating if you should jump off that building to get to that coffee shop. Apple has finally decided to listen to it’s consumers’ demands and ditch it’s own version of Maps. Congratulations iOS users. The app is available on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5. It’s even available for iPad if you don’t mind the fact that it’s not optimized for it.…

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Come Home to What You Need

apartments-for-rent-edmonton-is-all-about-locating-what-you-needThe goal is that you can relax and have a private place to be yourself. There are many people who struggle with finding a home in these times. It is easy to give up the search. A wise person identifies the value that they need for a home. Many people are too optimistic about setting the value of their home. They imagine a perfect mansion, and then demand that it be exactly a certain way. The truth is that doing so locks you and your family into a high mortgage payment situation that is unaffordable and toxic. Do not make a poor financial decision.

Set your value conservatively. A conservative value means identifying what you actually need, not what you want or think your neighbors have. What do you actually need? Most humans like warmth, shelter, clothing, and some level of privacy. Once you have your conservative value set, look for the absolute lowest price for that value. Many people have unacknowledged biases that lock them into a life of financial slavery. An example would be white flight. White flight is a sociological phenomenon in America that occurs when Caucasian people panic when they see new brown faces in their neighborhood. They then retreat further into the suburbs, often at higher prices. Another bias is popular pressure. If friends are doing something, then it is probable you will think that you need to do the same thing. This article, apartments for rent Edmonton is all about locating what you need at a price you can afford.

Warren Buffett, the billionaire who built Berkshire Hathaway into a financial giant put it simply, ““Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”1 What are your friends’ basic fears when it comes to buying a home? Things like having an ugly house, living with minorities, high crime zone, paying cash, working hard, living in an RV, owning their apartment come to mind. Make a list of these common real estate fears, and strive to do at least some of them. You will find that there are many market advantages to doing what others are refusing to do. Also, make up the opposite list. What are others greedily doing? Things like watching movies, getting a mortgage, living above their income, refusing to work overtime, going on strike, or staying in one country might be on the greedy list. Be afraid of those bad habits. Then watch how your real estate life improves.



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