2012 Hopefully to be the year manufacturers stop spamming the market

February 12, 2012 in Commentary by Hashim Fannin


In the past it seems that smartphone manufacturers such as HTC (and to a lesser extent Samsung) believed that saturating the market with their devices was the key to success.  Recently HTC stated that they would be producing less devices this year and instead focus on bringing higher quality phones to the market.  HTC has become notorious for releasing retread devices that have slight improvements over a previous device and Samsung seems to be following suit.  In 2011 HTC released four different Variations of the Sensation and also released the Amaze and Rezound.  The Amaze was nothing more than a Sensation without the processor being underclocked and a NFC chip present.  The Rezound was nothing more than an Amaze without the NFC chip and an HD screen on board.  Samsung has started in this same direction, releasing the Galaxy S2 in the US and then one month later releasing the same phone but with LTE (Galaxy S2 Skyrocket).  Now they are rumored to be releasing the same phone but with an HD screen (Galaxy S2 HD).  I personally will not purchase any HTC devices due to the fact that they release the same phone over and over with ever so slight improvements.  Hopefully this year they will stick to what they said they will do and instead of spamming the market, release just a few very high quality devices.  As for Samsung, I hope they don’t destroy the Galaxy S line by creating too many variants of the phone.  Instead, they should release one high end phone (like they had been doing) and ensure it has all of the features they would like to include.  Don’t release a phone and then a month later come out with an LTE version..and then after that come out with a HD version.  That practice doesn’t add value to your brand, it devalues it.  It causes the consumer to be more hesitant to purchase your devices because they’re afraid that right after they make their purchase, a newer version will be released thus making them regret their purchase.  Don’t put your customers in that position.  Sell a great device, SUPPORT THAT DEVICE, and keep your customers happy.  That is how the smartphone market should be.

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