AT&T Being Sued for Acting as an Accessory to iPhone Theft

April 14, 2012 in News by Hashim Fannin

ATT sued

AT&T is being sued by three plaintiffs who allege the company’s stance on activating phones is helping to facilitate the use of stolen phones.  The suit accuses AT&T of acting as an accessory to theft by re-activating stolen iPhones that belonged to the plaintiffs.  The suit reads the “plaintiffs have been told by AT&T representatives that they will not, and ‘cannot’ block and effectively kill usage of stolen cell phones by thieves and criminal organizations”, which the plaintiffs assert is not true.  There are countries such as Germany that keep a database of stolen phones, and cross-reference the device’s MEID (to see if it is stolen) before activating it.


Source:  ARS Technica

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