CyanogenMod 9 May Include New Multitasking Engine (Video)

February 16, 2012 in News, Video by Hashim Fannin


The CyanogenMod team has posted via Google Plus that they are considering the inclusion of Onskreen’s Cornerstone multitasking engine in CyanogenMod 9.  Cornerstone is an open source multitasking engine that allows for multiple apps to be displayed on the screen at one time, somewhat similar to a Windows environment.  The CyanogenMod team cautions that “this is experimental, and not guaranteed to be mainlined into CM” and “If it is done, it needs to be done right and not break apps all over the market or be a nightmare to upkeep down the line“.  While the Cornerstone engine does indeed look promising, I’m not sure that it will be completely practical for smartphones due to screen size limitations.  As for tablets Cornerstone will be an excellent feature to include and will give Android tablets a new level of functionality.

Below is a video demonstration of Cornerstone


Source:  CyanogenMod Team’s Google Plus

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