Google Wallet Fixes One Security Exploit…Makes Excuses for the Other

February 15, 2012 in News by Hashim Fannin


Google has announced that they have now plugged the largest security hole in Google Wallet that allowed a person to enter your Google Wallet app without needing the pin by clearing the app’s data.  Unfortunately, this does not mean that Google Wallet is entirely safe.  While Google states they did indeed plug the data clearing security vulnerability, the brute force pin hacking security vulnerability still remains.  Google’s excuse for leaving this vulnerability present is that it requires the device to be rooted for it to work.  As a result, Google advises Google Wallet users to simply not root their devices.  This is a pretty poor response to this issue.  Instead of ignoring the problem and simply telling people not to root their phones, Google should be tackling the issue head on and get it resolved.  If it’s simply a matter of it taking more time for them to get a fix for it, then they should just say so, but making excuses for the lack of action is inexcusable.

Source:  Google


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