How Google Wallet and NFC Saved the Day for Me

May 24, 2012 in Commentary by Hashim Fannin


This past weekend, I decided to go on a bike ride on the Silver Comet bicycle trail.  Initially, my intention was to only ride for about 15 miles in one direction, and come 15 miles back (for a total of 30 miles).  As I got to the 15 mile marker, I didn’t feel like turning around and decided to keep going.  To make a long story short, I wound up traveling about 38 miles down the trail before I became very hungry.  I decided to get off the trail and find a place to eat.  That’s when I realized I had not brought any cash or credit cards with me.  Since I had not planned on traveling so far, I had not planned on working up such an appetite.  Then the thought hit me.  I may not have any cash or cards on me, but I do have my phone with me, and my phone (Galaxy Nexus) has NFC and Google Wallet installed.  I used the Mastercard Paypass Locator app to find a place to eat in the area that accepted Paypass.  Using the app, I found a place to eat that was 3 miles away.  I biked there, went in, and placed my order.  When it came time to pay, I tapped my phone and the Google Wallet app took care of the rest.  My food was now paid for thanks to my phone having NFC and Google Wallet.  Had my phone not had NFC capability and the Google Wallet app, I would have been up the creek with no paddle.

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