HTC One X Having Lag and Launcher Restart Issues? (Video)

April 9, 2012 in News, Video by Hashim Fannin


Is there trouble in paradise already?  It would seem with the HTC One X, that is the case.  Apparently the quad-core Tegra 3 packing smartphone is having problems with lag in the browser, and the launcher restarting itself.

The browser lag really shows itself when zooming in and out of pages, with text moving almost a full second after zooming has stopped.   Then there’s the issue with the launcher restarting itself.  After a user opens an app then goes back to the home screen, the launcher restarts itself, resulting in the user doing a bit of waiting.  Needless to say, lag, stutter, and waiting are not things one would expect from a smartphone packing a quad-core processor.  Hopefully HTC will release an update in the near future to remedy these issues.  See the videos below from Phone Arena and Youtube user MrMiseWixe that demonstrate the issues.

Home Screen Restarting:

Browser Lag:

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