Insuring Your Smartphone with Ensquared is a Bad Idea

May 13, 2012 in Commentary by Hashim Fannin

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When the GSM unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus released in November, I purchased it immediately.  As I do with any other smartphone I purchase, I made certain I insured it.  Since my Galaxy Nexus was imported from the UK, I was not able to insure the smartphone with Asurion through T-Mobile.  As a result, I had to procure insurance for my device on my own.  In the end, I decided to go with Ensquared to insure my GSM Galaxy Nexus.

Fast forward to April 27, 2012, I had to make an insurance claim on my Galaxy Nexus due to it being lost.  The claim filing process was fairly straight forward for the most part.  They took down the pertinent information for the claim, and then took down my credit card number to process the charge for the deductible.  I was told I would be receiving a phone call from a representative to keep me apprised of any changes in my claim.  At this point, I was fairly satisfied with the process up to that point.

On April 30, 2012 I received an email (instead of a phone call) notifying me my deductible payment was declined.  I immediately called ensquared to find out why that was.  My assumption is they must have incorrectly taken down my credit card information the first time, as when I gave it to them again, it went through with no problem.  From there, they informed me they would be ordering my replacement Galaxy Nexus and it would be shipping out within no more than two days.  Two days passed (May 2, 2012), and instead of receiving a confirmation of my replacement phone shipping, I received an email telling me my deductible payment had successfully been made, and I’d be receiving tracking information for the shipment “shortly”.

Two more days passed with no correspondence from Ensquared at all.  I continued to be patient and wait for a confirmation that my replacement phone had been shipped.  I waited four more days (May 8, 2012), and finally called in after I still had not received any correspondence from Ensquared.  I spoke with Christine (ID 1745), who intially stated there was no tracking information on my file, and that there was no record of any phone being shipped out for me.  She then placed me on hold.  Upon her returning to the call, she stated she “found” a tracking number that showed my phone being shipped via UPS overnight, and that I’d be receiving my phone the next day.  Satisfied with that, I resigned to waiting on my smartphone to be delivered the next day.

The next day (May 9, 2012) came and went, with no delivery being made by UPS.  Just before the end of the day, I called Ensquared yet again.  This time I spoke to Sarah (ID 1059), who could offer no reasonable explanation for why my replacement phone was never shipped.  Instead, she offered excuses, stating the claim was initially delayed due to my deductible payment being declined.  I informed her that I had nothing to do with the payment being declined, and that the payment went through just fine when I called in and gave the exact same information I gave initially.  I went on to state that regardless of the original charge being declined, I called back April 30, 2012 to rectify that situation and they even sent me an email confirming that on May 2, 2012.  It was now May 9, 2012, a full week since the confirmation email of the charge being made successfully, and my phone still had yet to be shipped out, so regardless of the initial charge being declined, it still had been a week since the charge was made successfully.  She again offered no explanation for that, nor did she state when I could expect to receive my replacement device.  I asked to speak with a supervisor, and was transferred to Mike Rice (Operations Manager – stated he had no ID number).

Mike Rice offered nothing but excuses for his company’s actions (or lack thereof).  Like Sarah, he initially tried to use the first declined deductible payment as the excuse for the delay.  When I pointed out that regardless of the initial delay (though it was through no fault of my own), it still had been a week since they successfully charged my card and had still failed to ship out my replacement phone, he made more excuses.  This time he started to babble nonsense, saying things like “well there are a lot of moving parts in the claims process”, and “your device was a special order”.  When I asked him why I received no correspondence if they were truly having unexpected delays, he could give me no answer.  When I asked him why I was given a bogus tracking number by Christine, when my phone obviously wasn’t shipped out, he had no explanation for that either.  His response was the tracking number Christine provided, was a real tracking number and that the package just hadn’t been shipped yet.  He then stated he’d call me back the next day in the morning once he had further researched my claim.

The next morning (May 10, 2012), I receive a call from Mike Rice who informed me that my replacement phone would be shipping out soon.  He stated that the replacement Galaxy Nexus would be shipping out either that day (May 10, 2012) or the next day (May 11, 2012), and that I’d be receiving my replacement Galaxy Nexus no later than Monday (May 14, 2012).  My replacement phone was finally shipped out May 11, 2012, and has an expected delivery date of May 14, 2012.

Assuming, there are no issues with the replacement device, once the new phone is delivered, it will have taken 17 days (12 days if you count from the time of the 2nd deductible charge) to have my phone replaced by Ensquared.  Each time I called in, they had an excuse for why something had not taken place.  I believe they either accidently took down my credit card information incorrectly the first time, or they did it intentionally to attempt to derail the claims process.  They made no attempt to call me to let me know there was any issue with my claim, at any point in the process.  I wonder, if I had never called in to check why my phone had not been shipped, if it would have ever been shipped out.  Even when they first gave me the tracking number, it was obvious the tracking number was created while I was on the phone with them (the tracking number’s creation time shows 5:55pm, which was around the same time I was on the phone with them.  It would seem they made the tracking number, knowing it wasn’t really shipping out, just to get me off the phone.  Taking two weeks to replace a phone is unacceptable.  Fortunately for me, I had access to another smartphone while going through this.  If I did not, I would have been without a phone for 2 weeks, due to Ensquared’s ineptitude.  The moral of the story, is insuring your smartphone with Ensquared is a bad idea.

Side Note:  Here’s a forum thread of people on XDA who have had issues replacing their phones with Ensquared also.

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