Real Life Demonstration of Paypal’s New Mobile Payment System (Video)

March 16, 2012 in Demos, Video by Hashim Fannin

Paypal Store Checkout Real Life

Paypal recently lauched their new mobile payment system.  They intend on battling NFC payments with their mobile payment system that does not require a device at all.  In order to use Paypal’s new system, you must have either a personal or premier account.  Paypal customers with one of these accounts will then need to enroll in Paypal Store Checkout, complete the sign up process, and you’re done.  When in the store, and are ready to pay, there will be an option on the card reader’s screen that says “Pay with Paypal”.  Select it, input your phone number and pin (that you set when you signed up for Paypal Store Checkout), and you’re done.  In addition to the receipt that is printed at the register, Paypal will also send you a text message with the dollar amount of the transaction and a link to view the receipt online.  Paypal also sends you an email confirmation of the purchase.  See the video below for a real world in-store demonstration of a purchase being made using Paypal Store Checkout.


Link to enroll in Paypal Store Checkout:  Paypal

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