Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus to Launch on Sprint this Month?

April 3, 2012 in News by Hashim Fannin

sprint galaxy nexus big

We know Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus exclusivity period has ended, as evidenced by the release of the Galaxy Nexus on regional carrier I Wireless last month.  Of course, that release was only beneficial to people who resided in the state of Iowa.  Now it would seem the Galaxy Nexus will be touching down on Sprint, quite possibly this month.  Sprint Galaxy Nexus training materials have leaked onto the web showing several slides containing information regarding the Galaxy Nexus.  One particularly interesting slide shows the Galaxy Nexus shipping with Google Wallet, something it did not have on Verizon.  Besides that, all specs and everything else seem to be the same as Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus model.  While the slides did not show a release date, a rumor is circulating that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus will be released April 22nd.


Source:  Droid Life

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