Stream Music from the Google Music Cloud on Your Windows Phone

March 25, 2012 in News by Hashim Fannin


Google Music is a fantastic service that allows users to store and stream thousands of songs all via the cloud.  Android users have been able to take advantage of this free service using Google’s free Google Music app.  However, Windows Phone 7 users up to this point have been relegated to using their browser to take advantage of the Google Music service.  Using the browser to utilize Google Music is hardly a desirable experience as it can’t even change tracks while the phone is locked.  In light of this, XDA member Snickler created CloudMuzik, an app that allows Windows Phone users the ability to stream music from the Google Music service.  CloudMuzik features include the ability to search for individual songs, artists, or albums, background art for each artist, and the ability to play songs in the background.  Google Music users wishing to take advantage of the free service on their Windows Phone, can download CloudMuzik in the Windows Marketplace for $1.29.


Source:  XDA

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