Tether for iPhone Circumvents App Store. No Jailbreak Needed.

March 10, 2012 in News by Hashim Fannin


Tether.com has announced their tethering application is once again available for iPhones.  This after their tethering app was removed from the Apple App Store just 20 hours after its release.  The guys over at tether.com then decided to get creative, and devised a plan that would circumvent the App Store all together, with no jailbreaking required either.  iPhone users can now tether their iPhones using “Tether for iPhone”, simply by going to the tether.com website on their iPhone and logging in.  The site will then connect the iPhone and your computer via Ad-Hoc using HTML 5.  No downloading or installation needed at all.


Source:  Tether.com

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