The Upcoming LG Lucid Release Shows LG Understands Pricing…HTC Take Notes

March 28, 2012 in Commentary by Hashim Fannin

LG Android

LG is planning to release the LG Lucid tomorrow on Verizon’s network.  The Lucid, a phone with decent specs, is in no way a game changer.  Though the Lucid will feature a dual-core processor, with no NFC and a low-res 4″ display, it’s still a middle of the road smartphone.  LG seems to understand where the Lucid ranks among other smartphones and have priced it accordingly.  At $79.99, LG is obviously aiming the Lucid at customers who may not want to pay high-end smartphone money, but still would like a serviceable smartphone.  HTC could take a lesson from LG in this.  HTC will be releasing the Titan II on AT&T next month, and it will be priced more than twice as high as the Lucid.  Bear in mind, the Lucid features a dual-core processor that is still being featured in high-end phones today (Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 SkyRocket), while the Titan II will be powered by a very old 2nd generation single-core Snapdragon processor.  The Lucid can record 1080p, while the Titan II cannot.  Long story short, there is absolutely no reason the Titan II should be priced more than twice as high as a phone it can’t even match in features and capabilities.  To put it all in perspective, Nokia will be releasing their Lumia 900 on AT&T the same day as the Titan II.  Both phones have roughly the same features, except the Titan II has a larger screen and its camera has more megapixels (which doesn’t matter at all), yet the Titan II is priced twice as high as the Lumia 900.  The Lumia 900 is only priced $20 higher than the LG Lucid.  In other words, the Lumia 900 is priced appropriately for what it is, as is the LG Lucid.  LG may gain some ground with the mid tier to low-end customers on Verizon, simply because they priced themselves in the game.  When it comes to appropriately pricing devices, LG gets it.

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