This is What Disappoints Me About the Galaxy S3

June 24, 2012 in Commentary by Hashim Fannin


Overall, I think the Galaxy S3 is a great phone that combines both cutting edge hardware, and a culmination of the little things with its software.  However, with its US release I was a bit disappointed about one thing.  When T-Mobile released their Galaxy S3, it was to my chagrin to find out it still was loaded with carrier bloatware.  I was hoping this time around, with Samsung maintaining more control over the release of the phone, they would also retain control over what actually went on it.  Unfortunately, what I’d hoped did not come to fruition, and customers will once again have to contend with bloatware.  This means that when software updates come, Galaxy S3 owners will still have the same delay from the carrier they have had in the past.  At some point, I would love to see Samsung throw their weight around, and force carriers to leave their phones alone (a la Apple).

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