Use Your Galaxy S2 SkyRocket on T-Mobile w/ HSPA+ Support

February 24, 2012 in News by Hashim Fannin


Hey Galaxy S2 SkyRocket owners, have you ever wished you had the freedom to use your SkyRocket on T-Mobile if you chose to leave AT&T?  Before, leaving AT&T meant that SkyRocket owners would need to purchase a new phone if they went over to T-Mobile and wanted to still be able to use HSPA.  Well thanks to the clever guys over at XDA that is no longer the case.  Thanks to a hack by XDA member “tspx23″, you can now use your Galaxy S2 SkyRocket on T-Mobile with HSPA+ support.  The hack simple involves flashing the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 radio onto your device and voila, T-Mobile goodness.  You may also have to unlock your phone to use the T-Mobile sim card in it.  Users of this hack have confirmed it to be working with full HSPA+ support.


Source:  XDA

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