Will Your Smartphone Get CyanogenMod 9?

March 16, 2012 in News by Hashim Fannin

cm9 ics

The beauty of the Android world is if you want to change something on your phone, you have the ability to do so.  One of the notable changes that can be made to a smartphone is installing a custom ROM on it.  CyanogenMod has become a household name in the custom ROM community, and has many people wondering if their device will receive CM9 support.  The CyanogenMod team has now released a flowchart to give CM9 hopefuls an answer to that question.  While the flowchart doesn’t give every scenario a definite yes or no, it does let it be known that phones without at least 512mb of RAM won’t be receiving CM9, and neither will phones without a dedicated GPU.  Wondering if your smartphone makes the cut?  Take a look at the flowchart below.



Source: Phandroid

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