Write The Smartphone Champ 4-15-12

April 15, 2012 in Write The Smartphone Champ by Hashim Fannin

TSC Questions Resized

Was considering replacing my T-Mobile Galaxy with an iPad to lower monthly cost and save on phone services. I read that iPads have outgoing call capability but incoming calls are only possible if that app your using to make the calls is always open.
The question is how plausible is it to make the switch? $70 vs. $30 a month is logical but is it practical? And does the phone calls subtract from your monthly data allowance?


Perneir, getting rid of your phone and using only a tablet is one of those things that sounds better than it actually is. Toting around a tablet 100% of the time when you’re out will become incredibly inconvenient. Yes, there are apps that will allow you to make phone calls over a data connection, but they aren’t something that I’d consider reliable enough to completely replace having a phone. In the end, all an iPad is, is a giant iPhone without real phone capabilities.  In other words, it would be like having an iPhone, but without being able to make phone calls or text people.  Long story short, I wouldn’t recommend doing that, it’s going to become very inconvenient very quickly.  Note:  Yes the phone calls would subtract from your monthly data allowance, since the calls would be made over a data connection.  Depending on what voip service you use, that can result in you going through your data rather quickly.  For example, Skype tends to use more data than some other services.


How on earth can I get my photos off my MyTouch 4G onto my computer?? I’m absolutely lost!


Leah, here is the easiest way: Connect to the computer with a USB cable. On the phone, in the notification panel, pull it down and you should see an option that appears there that allows you to make the phone show up as a storage device on your computer. Select that and you should see it show up as a thumb drive on your computer. Open that drive and there’s a folder called DCIM, that’s where your pictures are.

Another method I prefer, is using the cloud.  To do this, I use Dropbox.  With Dropbox installed on both my smartphone and my computer, anything I upload from my phone shows up on the computer, and vice versa.  This of course will require the computer to have an internet connection, but doesn’t require a usb cable.  Simply upload your pictures from your smartphone to Dropbox, and you will see them show up in your Dropbox folder on your computer.

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