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April 18, 2012 in Write The Smartphone Champ by Hashim Fannin

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Your video of the slow and laggy browser in the HTC One X is exactly what I have on my UK Orange branded phone.  It is infuriating and half the speed of my Desire. It is so annoying, it makes browsing on my One X painful! I am even considering returning the phone. How on earth they can release a phone which cant even do one of the most used and basic features, browsing… is beyond me. I’ve tried other browsers on the phone, and it’s basically the same story, more or less.  Please, can you push this issue and try and get some comment from HTC?  We need to get this picked up by all the website reviewers.  If it starts getting bad press, that is the only way HTC will take notice…why none of them have mentioned it so far is beyond me…


Giles, I agree with you.  The fact that we are even talking about lag on a quad-core smartphone is ridiculous.  Add to that, the fact the browser on the dual-core Galaxy Nexus runs much better, and that makes it all the more absurd.  We’ve reached out to HTC for comment on the issue, but have received no response from them.  It would seem they may be content with ignoring the browser lag issue until it gains more publicity.  Of course the best way to make change, is to vote with your wallet.  So if you are truly dissatisfied with your HTC One X experience thus far, you may want to consider returning it.


I am confused. Which should I go for, HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Note?


Harshita, that is a tough question indeed.  If everything were working correctly on the HTC One X, I’d recommend going with that in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, right now the One X has issues with the browser lagging and the launcher restarting.  Of course these are issues that could easily be corrected with a software update, however thus far HTC has not acknowledged the problems.  As of today, the Galaxy Note is a more stable smartphone, and will run better than the One X.  The One X is more future proof than the Galaxy Note, but at the cost of fluidity and good performance today.  If you don’t mind waiting on an update for your phone to not have lag and launcher restart issues, then go with the One X.  If you’d prefer to have a phone that operates correctly today, then I’d recommend going with the Galaxy Note.

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