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April 9, 2012 in Write The Smartphone Champ by Hashim Fannin

TSC Questions Resized

I am in the USA and have an unlocked Galaxy Nexus with service with T-Mobile.  For some reason when I receive a picture message, all the pictures come through very small.  It doesn’t matter how large of a picture it is that someone sends, when I receive it is always very small.  I heard that I can use a custom rom or some sort of hack, but I don’t really feel comfortable hacking my phone.  What can I do to fix this?


Wayne, there are a few different routes you can take to remedy this situation without the need for hacking your phone.  You could use a different SMS client all together such as Handcent, and your picture messages would come through at the normal size.  You could always call in to T-Mobile and have them open a network ticket to have the issue resolved, but I’d warn you that will require a large amount of calls, and probably a lot of yelling and frustration on your part.  The simplest way of resolving this would be by logging into your T-Mobile account on their website.  Once you log in, you will see your phone number on the left, and underneath that it will say “unknown device”.  If you click underneath there and select “not your phone”, it will give you the opportunity to select a different device.  If you select the Samsung Galaxy S2, your picture messages will come through without the compression you’re experiencing.


I am thinking about purchasing a new phone.  I just got my tax refund and am looking to buy a phone that will last me for at least the next two years.  I don’t mind paying full cost for a phone if it means I will be receiving a quality phone that will last.  I saw the HTC One X that just came out and I’m thinking about buying it.  My friends who are techies keep telling me to buy a Galaxy Nexus instead.  I’m looking at it like this, one is quad-core and one is only dual-core.  They both have Ice Cream Sandwich, so I don’t see any reason to go with the Galaxy Nexus over the One X.  Could you please explain to me what’s so great about a Galaxy Nexus?


Shamar, the largest benefit of the Galaxy Nexus is that it is a Nexus phone.  That means it’s directly supported by Google.  Any time an update comes out, whether it’s a major or incremental, the Galaxy Nexus is going to get it.  Chances are the Galaxy Nexus will probably at least be supported by Google for the next two years.  Chances are the HTC One X probably won’t have support two years from now.  I already know the One X (at least the quad-core version), won’t be receiving the wifi display update that’s supposed to come out this summer, but you can bet your bottom dollar the Galaxy Nexus will.  The Galaxy Nexus is Google’s reference device, so any changes to Android between now and the next Nexus’ release will go through the Galaxy Nexus first.  True enough both the One X and the Galaxy Nexus have Ice Cream Sandwich, but I can almost guarantee you the Galaxy Nexus will receive the next version of Android (Jellybean) much sooner than the One X.  If history is any indication, the One X will probably get Jellybean several months after the Galaxy Nexus, and chances are that will be the One X’s final update while the Galaxy Nexus will continue to be updated.  Finally, there’s something to be said about having Android without HTC Sense violating it.  Videos online have already showed that despite the One X having a quad-core processor, the browser is still prone to quite a few hiccups, much more than what you’d experience on the Galaxy Nexus.  That’s the problem with Sense, it slows things down.  On the Galaxy Nexus there is no overlay slowing it down, just pure Android blazing its way through tasks.


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