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May 16, 2012 in Write The Smartphone Champ by Hashim Fannin

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I saw what you wrote about your experience with Ensquared.  I figured I’d share my experience with them too.  I too have a Galaxy Nexus, and I too insured my phone with Ensquared.  To make a long story short, I filed a claim on my phone.  It took them over two weeks to replace my phone!  I had to go two entire weeks without a phone!  And when they finally did replace it, THEY SENT ME A GALAXY S2!  Their explanation to me was that the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t available here in the US.  I told them they could easily order one from somewhere like Negri Electronics, but they wouldn’t do it.  Instead they sent me a Galaxy S2, which I had to sell just to get the money for me to get another Galaxy Nexus.  I will never use Ensquared again!


Jose, I understand your frustrations completely.  As you are aware, I also made the mistake of insuring my Galaxy Nexus with Ensquared.  Like you, it took them more than two weeks to process my claim.  I guess I got off easy, because at least they sent me a Galaxy Nexus (though it was not the correct model).  It would definitely seem that Ensquared could benefit from taking a long hard look at their practices, and tightening up the loose screws.  One thing is for sure, I will never recommend them to anyone, nor will I use them again in the future.


We are now at quad-core processors in smartphones.  I remember reading somewhere a while ago, that the Tegra 3 was supposed to have desktop like performance.  Now you have Samsung’s Exynos 4 Quad that’s supposed to outperform the Tegra 3.  My question is, where do they go from here?  It seems like software doesn’t really call for all that processing power.  Do you think smartphones have plateaued?

-S. Jacobs

S. Jacobs, I don’t think smartphones have plateaued.  I think what is about to take place, is a shift of focus.  For the last few years, the focus seems to have been mainly on hardware.  Manufacturers were seemingly obsessed with out-spec’ing the competition.  Now that we are at high definition screens and quad-core processors, I don’t think horsepower and specs will be the primary focus.  I believe you will see more focus put into software innovation and efficiency.  With quad-core processors delivering so much power, and A15 chips on the horizon, there really isn’t a large need for more processing power.  Where there is a need, is for more cutting edge software.  I think the Galaxy S3 is the perfect example of this.  Yes the Galaxy S3 has some impressive hardware, but it seems to me that Samsung focused more on the little things.  They added things like eye tracking, and a much improved voice control system.  Samsung recognizes the focus shift that is taking place, and they are currently at the head of that shift.  I expect more manufacturers to follow suit.


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