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May 4, 2012 in Write The Smartphone Champ by Hashim Fannin

TSC Questions Resized

Which would you choose, the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy S3?


Arnold, I think I would choose the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the HTC One X.  Though I think the One X is a very nice phone (despite its browser lag and launcher restart issues), I think the Galaxy S3 will be a better device overall.  With the Galaxy S3, it’s a culmination of the little things that make it a better smartphone.  For example, the eye tracking is a great idea.  It isn’t a major feature, but it’s a little thing that adds value to the phone.  Being able to wake the phone with your voice is another great idea.  There have been many times I wished I could do something with my phone without getting out of the bed to do it (yes I’m lazy like that sometimes).  Then there’s the wireless charging feature.  That is a big one to me.  I love the convenience of wireless charging.  I wrote about it before, and now it’s finally included in a high-end device.


I am disappointed in the Galaxy S3 announcement.  I was expecting to be blown away, but instead Samsung has pulled an Apple, and only come with a marginal update.


Wayne, I have to wholeheartedly disagree with you.  The Galaxy S3 is a significant improvement over the Galaxy S2.  Much greater performance (from the Exynos 4 Quad processor), a larger and much higher resolution display, high speed nfc file transfer, wireless charging, and a multitude of new software features (s voice, allshare play, etc).  Make no mistake, the Galaxy S3 is a significant upgrade over the Galaxy S2.  Now if you were comparing it to the Galaxy Nexus then I might agree with you somewhat.  The Galaxy S3 isn’t a massive upgrade over the Galaxy Nexus, other than the Exynos processor.  All in all, I think the Galaxy S3 will be a great buy.


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