SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra Review: New Camera King?

Exploring the realm of cutting-edge smartphones, we came across the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and it’s fair to say that it’s a beast of technology. Boasting the highest resolution camera we’ve seen on a smartphone, this new addition to the Samsung family has certainly made an impression. Its 200MP camera captures staggering detail, making every image look professional, while the Nightography feature ensures low-light does not dampen the quality of your photos—a feature we found incredibly handy on a recent evening out.

Not just about the camera, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s everyday performance is fueled by the most powerful Snapdragon processor to date, which meant we could transition from work apps to gaming without a hint of lag. The built-in S Pen took productivity and creativity a notch higher, allowing us to jot down notes and doodle with precision whenever inspiration struck. One would think that all this power might compromise its battery life, but that’s not the case—a full day’s use and then some on a single charge was easily achieved, even with heavy use.

Bottom Line

For those who covet a phone that handles everything from photography to gaming and productivity with finesse, the Galaxy S23 Ultra stands tall. Our experience with it was nothing short of stellar, blending high-powered performance with long-lasting battery life.

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Overview of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra

Capturing those perfect night shots just got easier. We’ve taken the S23 Ultra for a spin, and its Night Mode is a game-changer. You can forget about poor lighting; this device’s Nightography feature lights up every detail. Action-packed moments? Not a problem either. The video stabilization ensures that even when things get shaky, the footage stays smooth. And we love the versatility that comes with the S Pen. Turning scribbles into text and sketches into digital art feels seamless. Taking pictures is more convenient as well—no need to stretch our fingers to snap a photo when the S Pen does it with a click.

Multitasking is a breeze on this beast of a phone, thanks to what’s touted as the fastest Snapdragon processor to date. Gamers would appreciate how it doesn’t drop the ball even with high-demand games. With a display that adapts to lighting conditions, there’s virtually no strain on the eyes, whether we’re out in the sun or in a dark room.

Battery life is robust; even after hours of use, we’re not left scrambling for a charger. And storage concerns are a thing of the past—with a starting size of 256GB, running out of space for our memories isn’t an issue.

Sure, it’s commanding, but not without its shortcomings. Despite its power, we’ve noticed the battery can seem to drain quickly under intense use, something to keep in mind if you’re always on your phone. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is more than just a smartphone; it’s a tool that keeps up with our fast-paced digital life.

Revolutionary Camera Capabilities

We recently had our hands on the new flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra, and its camera setup noticeably stands out. At the helm is the 200MP sensor—an unprecedented leap—in smartphone photography that allows for impressively detailed shots. Night Mode is a genuine improvement, capturing low-light scenes with a clarity that rivals daylight; this feature ensures your evening events and dimly-lit moments are still photo-worthy.

Selfies and group shots alike benefit from the convenience of the S Pen, which doubles as a remote shutter. This is a handy tool for snagging that perfect frame without the awkward reach. However, we noticed that despite the high megapixel count, some images don’t always look significantly better than those from phones with lower-resolution cameras, especially when viewed on smaller screens.

Video creators will appreciate the smooth stabilization that keeps footage steady, even during action-packed moments. Yet, while the 8K video capture capability sounds impressive, the files are large and require significant storage space. Thankfully, with 256GB onboard, space isn’t an immediate concern, though avid videographers might still want to watch their storage management.

Overall, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera prowess is formidable, but it isn’t flawless. It’s a powerful tool with bells and whistles that photographers and videographers will enjoy, and despite a few minor gripes, it’s an advancement we’re excited about.

S Pen Functionality

In our tests, the S Pen has proven to be an indispensable tool for Galaxy S23 Ultra users. It allows you to smoothly jot down notes and convert them into text, offering a seamless transition between thinking and documenting. The ease of taking snapshots with a click of the S Pen elevates the photo-taking experience, providing a hassle-free way to capture those perfect shots without fumbling for the screen button.

Although generally responsive, some may find the learning curve for mastering the S Pen’s functionality a bit steep. Moreover, while it excellently complements the productivity suite, for everyday use, its advantages may not seem as pronounced. The creativity and productivity you can unleash with the S Pen are notable, but it’s not without its nuances that some might need time to adapt to. Overall, the S Pen injects a layer of finesse into the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s feature set, blending practicality with innovation.

Performance and Gaming Excellence

With the power tucked under its hood, the Galaxy S23 Ultra proved to be an exceptional ally during our gaming sessions. The latest Snapdragon chipset effortlessly handled graphics-intensive games, delivering smooth frame rates without any noticeable lag. We appreciated the 6.8-inch display, which offered vivid colors and rapid response times—crucial for fast-paced gaming. Even when toggling between applications, the experience remained seamless. Its cooling system also impressed us; extended sessions didn’t lead to overheating, which is a common concern with high-performance smartphones.

While gaming was top-notch, we did notice the battery life could be a double-edged sword. On one hand, the sizable 5,000mAh battery facilitated long stretches of gameplay without needing to reach for the charger. Yet, high-settings gaming did put a dent in battery longevity—a tradeoff that’s important to consider.

Lastly, gamers will value the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen adaptability. Whether we were playing under the harsh glare of sunlight or in dimmer indoor settings, the Adaptive Display ensured the game visuals remained striking. Although top-tier in performance, the device is still a substantial investment, and the battery life under heavy gaming can be a concern for some users.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

When it comes to staying powered throughout the day, we found the Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t disappoint. With intensive usage that included streaming, gaming, and navigating with GPS, we were pleased to see it hold up robustly without the constant need to recharge. Of course, battery life will vary based on usage patterns, but for the average user, making it through a full day on a single charge is a reasonable expectation.

However, if you’re a power user accustomed to pushing your device to the limits with high-performance tasks, carrying a charger might be wise as the battery can drain more quickly under such conditions. From our experience, the phone’s energy efficiency is notable, but not infallible, especially when leveraging the high-resolution camera for extended periods or indulging in prolonged 5G connectivity.

Display Technology

We recently got a chance to spend some time with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and the display is where it really shines. At a sizeable 6.8 inches, the screen dominates the front of the device, offering a vast canvas for all sorts of media consumption and productivity tasks. The color reproduction is vivid, handling the spectrum from deep blacks to bright whites with ease, which speaks volumes about the quality Samsung has packed into the display. Whether we were streaming video or editing photos, the visual experience was top-notch.

The responsiveness of the touchscreen was also impressive, registering our inputs without any noticeable lag. Outdoors, the display remained readable, even in bright daylight, showcasing its excellent brightness and anti-reflective qualities. While we can’t list exact specs, it’s evident that Samsung has optimized the screen technology to provide a crisp, clear, and eye-catching experience. This includes night mode, which is especially gentle on the eyes in low-light conditions.

Considering how much we use our phones throughout the day, the display is a crucial aspect that the Galaxy S23 Ultra has certainly paid attention to, making it a joy to use for extended periods without significant eye strain.

Pros and Cons


Having spent some quality time with the S23 Ultra, we’re genuinely impressed by the top-notch camera. The 200MP main sensor captures breathtaking details, and Night Mode is a marvel, turning dim settings into photo possibilities. The included S Pen is more than a novelty – it’s a productivity powerhouse, perfect for jotting down notes or sketching out ideas. Gaming and multitasking are fluid, thanks to the state-of-the-art processor. No more panic about a dying phone in the middle of the day, as the battery life easily powers through. Also, the ample 256GB of storage means we never have to fret about deleting memories to make space. Plus, the Adaptive Display technology makes the screen exceptionally readable in any light.


Despite all its virtues, the S23 Ultra is not without its drawbacks. For one, the robust performance and features may come with a steep price tag that can be a hurdle. The size and heft of the device may not appeal to those preferring a more compact phone. Battery longevity, while commendable, could diminish with intense usage, such as prolonged gaming sessions or 8K video recording. Some users may also find that despite the phone’s overall fluidity, it could run warmer than expected during heavy use. Finally, for buyers outside of the US, compatibility and functionality could be a concern, potentially limiting some features due to regional restrictions.

Customer Reviews

In our hands, the Galaxy S23 Ultra felt like a powerhouse that lived up to its potential. We observed a collective satisfaction among users with its exceptional camera abilities, particularly noting the stunning detail captured by the 200MP sensor and the impressive 100x zoom. The phone’s 8K video recording capability stood out for those interested in high-resolution videography. Its swift processing speed was a recurring highlight, ensuring a seamless experience.

The longevity of the battery was praised, with some users reporting up to two days of moderate use on a single charge, emphasizing the processor’s efficiency. The display quality received acclaims for its crispness and smoothness, enhancing user interactions, especially in gaming scenarios where the device remained cool without overheating.

On the other hand, a few buyers mentioned that the battery drains quicker than expected, which is somewhat anticipated for a device with such a large, vibrant screen and extensive features. There was a strong sentiment of value for the money spent, with users feeling that the upgrade was justified by the leap in technological advancements.

Across the board, from long-time brand loyalists to newcomers to Samsung, the consensus was clear: the S23 Ultra is a top-tier smartphone that delivers on its promises, maintaining a high rating of 4.6 stars from thousands of users.


Having spent considerable time with the S23 Ultra, we’ve experienced the highs and lows of this powerhouse. The 200MP camera is genuinely impressive, delivering detail-rich photos, and the zoom capability is a standout feature. Night mode and 8K video recording present it as a compelling choice for camera enthusiasts. On top of that, the S Pen adds an additional layer of productivity that is rare to find. Performance-wise, it’s smooth and quick, thanks to the fastest mobile processor in its league.

However, no device is without flaws. We noticed that despite its size, the battery life can be a concern for power users. It’s efficient, but the longevity varies greatly with usage patterns. Also, while the design feels premium, users coming from other brands might need time to adjust to Samsung’s ecosystem.

In summary, the Galaxy S23 Ultra offers an exceptional bundle for Android lovers looking for top-notch capabilities. Yet, it’s important to weigh the premium features against the battery performance and the price point to decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the improvements in the camera performance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra compared to its predecessor?

Our experience with the S23 Ultra reveals significant camera enhancements over the previous model. The 200MP sensor delivers unprecedented clarity, and the Night Mode, branded as Nightography, offers superior low-light photography capabilities. Photo capture is further refined with features like 100x zoom and the ability to record in 8K at 30fps.

How does the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 5G connectivity enhance user experience?

With 5G, the user experience on the S23 Ultra is notably improved, ensuring faster download and upload speeds, which comes in handy for streaming, gaming, and large-file transfers. This enhancement allows us to stay more connected with minimal latency, making the device suitable for those who require quick access to data on the move.

What are the notable changes in the specifications of the Galaxy S23 Ultra from the S22 Ultra?

Notable changes we’ve found in the S23 Ultra include the upgrade to the latest Snapdragon processor, which is termed the fastest to date, improving overall performance and energy efficiency. Storage starts at a generous 256GB, accommodating more content without worrying about space. The Adaptive Vision Booster on the display provides a visibly improved contrast regardless of lighting conditions.

What is the price range for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and how does it compare to other flagship phones?

The S23 Ultra falls into a premium price category, similar to other flagship devices. When compared to its contemporaries, its pricing aligns with the feature-rich offering and cutting-edge technology it packs, making it a competitive option amongst top-tier smartphones.

How does the Galaxy S23 Ultra stand against the iPhone 14 Pro Max in terms of performance and features?

In our comparison, the S23 Ultra stands up well against the iPhone 14 Pro Max, offering comparable, if not superior, performance and features in many areas. With the highest camera resolution on a phone and the inclusion of an S Pen, the S23 Ultra brings a versatile edge, particularly for users focused on productivity and photography.

What are the advantages of upgrading to the Galaxy S23 Ultra for current Samsung users?

For current Samsung users, upgrading to the S23 Ultra provides several advantages, including a leap in processing power, a camera that sets new standards, and extensive battery life to support heavy use. The seamless integration with Google Meet and other collaboration tools ensures that staying productive on the go is easier than ever.